Jake Ivy Diary Entry

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Jake Levy had, even after sending his ‘opus’ kept expecting his mother to make some effort to contact him. He practiced how he would reject her. As the months passed there was no contact. He was not totally surprised when his next birthday passed without an ecard. He assumed she’d catch up Maybe go and spend a few bucks on a paper card. Maybe send him a gift. Nothing. The next year he was sure she would send an ecard with some blah blah. He searched his email account all day, and the next. Nothing. He shrugged his shoulders. So what? I don’t care. Then, five years had passed. Five years... and not a single word from his mother. He hadn’t seen nor heard from her or about her in those years. He made a few random calls. No one had seen her. He decided to pass by her house, see if…show more content…
As he came up the block he saw three little kids playing in the front yard. He stopped the car, stared. He knew the house like his hand middle. This had to be the house. Who were those people? Jake came out of the car and stood looking at the children, at the house, which was different somehow.
A man, a few years younger than he, came up; “Can I help you?” he said in a voice directed to a child molester. “My mother lives here....” “Your mother? Since when? We’ve been here since the little one was born....” Jake stood and stared, then turned back to the speaker; “Who did you buy this house from?” “Vintage Realtors. And I’d like you to leave.” “My mother lived here...I....I don’t ....” “Are you okay? Look, I bought it from Vintage. I don’t know who lived here before. You check with them...okay?” Jake got into the car. He was alert enough to appreciate the homeowner would call the police, so drove up the road, forgetting that it was a cul-de-sac. He didn’t want to pass the house again so took a turn, and another, so as to get out of the neighborhood and to somewhere
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