Jake and Caroline Video Script Teen Dating Violence

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JAKE AND CAROLINE VIDEO SCRIPT TEEN DATING VIOLENCE Jake: So anyway things besides all this John stuff are going pretty awesome…and we usually hang out together every Friday night when I get out of work…So this past Friday I got out of work early and figured we’d spend the rest of the night together…. Maybe grab a bite to eat or catch a movie…So I called her at 5 o’clock—no Caroline. 6, 7, 8—still no Caroline. 9, 10—10 freakin’ thirty roles around and I’m like “Caroline where the hell have you been?!”. Caroline: I went out with my sister…. I don’t need to get permission from you. Jake: Caroline, I didn’t say you needed to get permission, but I was worried sick about you…. I mean how am I supposed to know if you’re laying…show more content…
Caroline: ‘cause we’re friends Jake: You know how that makes me feel! Caroline: How do you think it made me feel to have my boyfriend call me ugly and fat in front of all my friends? Jake: Come on, Caroline, you know I didn’t mean all that stuff…You can’t break up with me over this. Caroline: Yes I can, and I am. You can’t treat me like this! Jake: I didn’t treat you like anything. Caroline: Yeah, you treated me like dirt. Jake: I know I can’t treat you like that but you’ve got to know I didn’t mean any of that stuff…I just freaked out on the situation, not at you…. I was drunk, and I walked in and saw the two of you together and I totally flipped out. Caroline: I know, but we we’re just talking. Jake: I know that Caroline, but you need to let me explain. I have had a rough week – I’ve been filling out college applications, trying to figure out how I can afford a car and school is buggin’ me. I didn’t mean any of the stuff that I said, I just snapped. I love you and I need you. Caroline: Yeah Jake, but that gives you no right to yell at me! Jake: I realize that Caroline, but at the time all I saw was the women I love getting back together with her ex-boyfriend. I know that isn’t what was truly happening, but I just saw red when that thought entered my mind, and I couldn’t handle that. Caroline: I know but you really scared me, Jake. Jake: I scared myself. I don’t normally act that

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