Jake's Pet Land Case Study

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Jake’s Pet Land Case Study
(Intro will go here when I get it) Adam and Phillip had a good leader-member exchange (LMX) relationship. It appeared that Phillip had established an in-group exchange relationship with his employees, which resulted in them having similar characteristics, one of which was a dedication to customer satisfaction. The benefits of having a good LMX relationship for the follower include more interesting assignments, greater authority, and tangible rewards such as pay increases. For the leader, benefits include increased effort and initiative of followers to carry out assignments and tasks successfully (Daft, 2015, pg. 54). Adam knew that Phillip would support his decision to stretch company policy to satisfy a customer. He was familiar with Phillip’s work style and had adapted to his preferences. Adam also paid attention to any clues given by Phillip. Phillip was a relationship-oriented leader. A relationship-oriented leader is one that is concerned with people, they establish mutual trust and respect and listens to employees’ needs (Daft, 2015, pg. 73).
Adam was a critical thinking follower. When the boy and his father came in with a sick chinchilla, Adam knew what he had to do. Even though the company policy stated that the health of exotic animals is good for 7days and the chinchilla had been purchased 10-days ago. Adam knew that he would rather stretch company policy than lose a loyal customer. Adam handed the customer a full refund. “Critical…
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