Jamaica Is An Island Of The Caribbean

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Jamaica is an island located in the Caribbean, it is west of Haiti and south of Cuba. It makes its money from; Industry - textiles, tourism, food processing. Agriculture - bananas, coffee, sugarcane, and citrus. Exports - alumina, bauxite, sugar, bananas, and rum (National Geographic, 2015). Jamaica has a strong population of nearly 3 million people – which is a lot considering it is smaller than Connecticut. The people have a life expectancy of 75 years old and a literacy rate of 88 percent (National Geographic, 2015). According to Countries and their Cultures, the population is 1 percent East Indian, 7 percent mixed, 90 percent black – some of which are descents of slaves, and a small amount of whites and Chinese. Although Patois, or Creole, is widely spoken in Jamaica the official language of the country it English. Even so, they maintain a specific rhythm and melody of the English language that is unique to only the Jamaican people. Culturally they are family and home oriented, “the Jamaican family includes a close-knit web of aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents” (Kwintessential, n.d.). They provided emotional and financial support for on another – family is the most important group of people in their lives and whom they spent most of their time with.
According the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), about 34% of the poorest 20% of Jamaicans have books available at home. However, availability for 20% of richest is over double that, 73%.. Therefore, coming as

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