Jamaica Is The Country Of Jamaica

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Jamaica is an island country sitting in the middle of the beautiful Caribbean Sea. This island is 10,990 square kilometers and is currently home to 2,950,210 Jamaican citizens (Rogers). The population density is 252 citizens per kilometer squared and is growing at a rate of 0.4 percent. In regard to the size of the island, Jamaica is the fourth largest island in the Caribbean Sea. According to a The World Factbook: Jamaica, Jamaica’s terrain consists of mostly rocky mountains with narrow discontinuous coastal plains (World Fackbook 1). The climate of this area is tropical hot and humid. As far as the elevation of the area and surrounding areas, the absolute lowest point in the actual Caribbean Sea and the highest point is Blue Mountain Peak which is 2,256 meters high (Koss). Within this area, Jamaica produces and imports and exports many items. However, bauxite, gypsum, and limestone are the only major natural resource that it produces. More specifically Kingston is the capital of Jamaica. Kingston is located on the southeastern coast of the island and is the largest predominantly English-speaking city south of the United States. The capital was established in 1692 and is now home to about 937,700 people of Jamaica’s entire population. For Kingston in January the daily average maximum temperatures is 31°C with the average minimum 22°C, while in June the average maximum is 33°C with a minimum of 26°C. The wettest month for Kingston is October with an average of 151.2…

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