Jamaica Kincaid Girl Analysis

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Deanna Jones
Jamaica Kincaid, Girl
1. Describe the focus or focalization in Girl. Do we see what one person sees, or observe one person in particular? Describe the voice of the narrator in Girl. Who is the “you”? How do the focus and voice contribute to the reader’s response to the story?It about a girl’s womanhood set at the moment of separation between the age of innocence and the confusing, transfiguring entrance into womanhood experience. It is the story of a mother’s attempt to train her adolescent daughter to learn appropriate cultural customs and more important, the rules of social behavior, especially that of proper sexual conduct befitting a well-reared girl. Yes! We observe what the mother is trying to teach her young daughterto do for a man. It helps her too learned in order, to achieve something that her mother is trying to teach her to do and how to act as a young woman and what to expect as a young woman growing up.
2. Look closely at the indications of time in the story. What actions take place at certain times? Does any event or action happen only once? Is there a plot in Girl? If so, how would you summarize it? At age seventeen she earned her high school equivalency degree and studied photography, Kincaid
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Who is the auditor, the “You” addressed in the first paragraph of “The Cask of Amntillado”? When is the story being told? Why is it being told? How does your knowledge of the auditor and the occasion influence the effect the story has on you? I think it can be Montresor, or the lord above or me the reader it also can mean anyone in the story if u reread the last paragraph of the story. My someone found the story and read it after many years had passed. I did understand in the story the Montresor was telling this story to someone he knew very well and many, many, many years after it had happen. This story makes me wish I had looked at things different in life growing up, and handle things better in life when I was in a abusive
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