Jamaica Kincaid: Impact Of Tourism On The Small Island Of Antigua

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Jamaica Kincaid: A Small Place: Reading Report Jamaica Kincaid: A Small Place is a piece of realistic fiction that describes the impact of tourism on the small island of Antigua. Though an assertive yet poetic voice, Kincaid takes the reader through a virtual tour of the Island presenting a dark outlook on the tourism industry of the west indies. This book is highly informative book educating the reader about the society and relationship between tourist and the local residences, while examining issues such as economy, Social hierarchy and racism. To readers unfamiliar with the history of antigua, Kincaid gives a shocking portrayal of the past and present relationship between western european societies and the island of Antigua. Kincaid…show more content…
Around that same time the library was destroyed in 1972, “the last sugar plantation was closed down as well ending the sugar slave trade in Antigua” (Momsen,338). Symbolically, the author is trying to portray a story of a nation which was used for what it has and then left in limbo still awaiting repairs much like their library which has been sitting in ruin with a sign reading “this building was damaged in the earthquake of 1974, repairs are pending” for the last 10 years and counting (Kincaid, 09). This is representative of the damage that has been left behind following the sugar plantation, colonization, and slavery. The social implication caused by this european influence had damaged Antigen society leaving their community in limbo. Currently tourism has replaced sugar production as the country's main resource. However, the author ties certain aspects of the tourism industry to the maintenance to the damage caused within their society by colonial dictatorship and rule. Aside from the patronization, the sense of comfort and retreat tourists get, and the greed that is portrayed in front of the locals by the fact that they have the luxuries of traveling abroad, their state or ruin, and poorer quality of life is what is portrayed in the narration as one of the attractions which bring

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