Jamaica: Land of Inspiration

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Jamaica: Land of Inspiration
Jamaica is full of diversity. From religion, to ancestry, and even geography, Jamaica is always evolving. From the towering mountains all the way to the warm and sandy beaches, Jamaica is a sight to see. However, Jamaica was not always a happy and carefree place. The Jamaican people have suffered from war, disease, and slavery. Jamaica is a small and beautiful country that thrives with culture and should be studied by everyone around the world.
Geography and Climate Jamaica has a wide range of geography. The geography varies from mountains, to forests, to coastal plains, to scattered hills, and also plateaus (“History”). Although Jamaica is a small country, it is the largest island of the Commonwealth
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Their first election was held in 1944, which was a major accomplishment for the Jamaican people. Then in 1958, Jamaica joined the West Indies Federation along with nine other U.K. territories. But, because the Jamaican people had the power to vote, they withdrew three years later because the voters rejected membership. In 1962, Jamaica gained independence from Britain, becoming their own country (“Jamaica Background”).
Religion, ancestry, and cuisine are all major parts of Jamaica’s culture. Most of Jamaica’s population consists of people of West African ancestry. 1.3 percent of people in Jamaica are West Indian (Witherbee). Another portion of Jamaica’s population are those who came to Jamaica very early from South America. Because there were so many types of people coming to Jamaica, religion was heavily influenced. Rastafarianism is practiced throughout Jamaica. It is a mixture of social and religious beliefs. A large number of Jamaicans are Christian. Other religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam are also practiced (Witherbee).
Famous Citizens
The most famous and influential Jamaican is Bob Marley, who was a reggae star. His career started when he was the lead singer in a vocal trio called The Wailers. The Wailers music was a combination of Caribbean rhythms and American soul music. The Wailers became popular very quickly. They were signed in 1973 by Chris Blackwell. Shortly after they were signed, unfortunately, the Wailers broke up (Ruhlmann).
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