Jamaican All Inclusive Hospitality Case Study

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Research Theme: Cultural Experience in All Inclusive Hotels. .
Research Topic: Enhancing the Jamaican All Inclusive Experience: A Case for an Increase Culture Offering.
The beautiful island of Jamaica has a culture unlike no other that is continuously appreciated around the world, from our music, food, dance and creole. Hotel practices often dismiss the importance of cultural background in their continual attempts to provide the best quality service based on their own understanding of service quality (Seo, 2007). This can be identified in the food that is served, the music played throughout the hotel and the aesthetics of the hotel. The implementation of local culture into all-inclusive hotels not only gives a sense of originality but also authenticity to guests.
Susanna Williams felt strongly that Jamaica, with its diverse geography and people, was the destination tourists came to see and
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This research also seeks to identify how the Jamaican culture would have a positive impact on the guest satisfaction and retention, by making local all-inclusive hotels packages unique. This research will aim to give international hotels an insight on Jamaican culture, the importance and the aid to make it sustainable.
The significance of this study is to create awareness about the absence of the Jamaican culture within the all-inclusive resorts. Its impact and the purpose of the culture within the resorts propose possible alleviations to this problem. This study will determine if the lack of Jamaican culture has an impact on the all-inclusive product package. The findings of this research will contribute to the society and also scholarly research done in this area. In addition the data gathered from this study will indicate how best to improve the Jamaican all-inclusive product package to give it a more authentic
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