Jamaican Creole Poem Analysis

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The Poetry within Jamaican Creole in a Linguistic Imperalised England It is clear from the poem to see how Linton feels about the racially hostile environment in which he lives. He chooses to show his social identity with his strong Jamaican accent which conveys to the reader that he is of immigrant status, this is fundamental to this poem. Within this essay, I wish to analyze his reasoning for choosing to express himself with a post colonial approach by using his Jamaican Creole and how he chooses to combat the conflict of the position of language in the development of colonization. In his most repetitive stanza, which takes the form of a chorus in spoken form, Linton says. “Inglan is a bitch dere's no escapin' it Inglan is a bitch dere's no runnin' whey fram it” There is poetry in profanity, Often profanity can set an underlying feeling and strengthen an emotion a writer wants to get across in his material. The repetition of the word “bitch” Linton expresses his frustration and disappointment for British imperialism as he tries to make the most of what seems like a cemented situation and yet is still confronted with institutionalized racism. In the thirteenth Stanza Linton expresses the exploitation of immigrant workers by saying “mi know dem have work, work in abundant yet still, dem mek mi redundant now, at fifty-five mi gettin' quite ol' yet still, dem sen' mi fi goh draw dole” The experience in inner cities had by immigrants in the 1950's and 60’s was, to say

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