Jamal Jemelton And Lithen Klith: A Short Story

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One day two people named Jamal Jemelton and Lithen Klith. Jamal had a perfect Afro that never got messed up and Lithen had a sweet flat top. They had heard that there was an abandoned school near by and they had nothing else to do, so they went to the store and bought some flashlights to check it out. When they arrived at the building, it looked extremely sketchy. They entered the building through the front doors and the doors stayed open for a while, but after a minute or two, the doors slammed shut and locked. They turned the flashlights on and headed into the building. They saw the words written in either catchup or blood. BEWARE OF THE FLOATING KNIFE AND NOTEBOOKS.That freaked them out just a little bit but they thought nothing of it.
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