James Baldwin 's The Fire Next Time, By Ralph Ellison

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There are many reasons why people experience things differently; every living organism has different perspectives and backgrounds that influence how they experience a place or event. My experience with New York, for example, I have never been fond of Manhattan because every time I went there I just followed my parents around and never actually did anything. I have never had a good experience in Manhattan; meanwhile, my friends love Manhattan because they always have fun when going there. There are many influential factors that determine whether someone has a good or bad experience and one of the main reasons why people experience things differently is because of past experiences. The racial difference between blacks and whites and their differing experiences with New York shows in James Baldwin’s “The Fire Next Time,” Ralph Ellison’s “New York, 1936,” and Allen Ginsberg’s “Mugging.” With blacks being treated harshly for years through slavery and discrimination, they are trained to fear and despise whites and feel more comfortable with people of their own background. Before discussing Baldwin’s text, I want to refer back to Langston Hughes and his text “When the Negro Was in Vogue.” In his text, Hughes describes how whites, unwelcomed, decided to crowd popular black clubs and become interested in black culture. Once again white people are taking what they want and pushing the original owners out. The white people are enjoying themselves observing blacks like they’re at a zoo

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