James Baldwin's Sonny's Blues

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However, his most common theme of choice, ones discovery of self-identity- is elaborately broadcasted and exhibited greatly in his short story “Sonny’s Blues”. First circulated in the late fifties and then again in the mid-sixties, "Sonny's Blues" explains Baldwin’s reasons for his famous arguments in the arena of Black freedom, while also providing a visual bonding of his work across multiple genres, with the ways and understandings of the urban Black community.
The essential and gradual progression of “Sonny’s Blues” symbolizes the measured adaptation of the narrator's perception of the importance of his younger brother's approach at life. The progression directs Baldwin’s audience to a thoughtful involvement with the individual by supplying an understanding of the human intentions of the young people whose situations, under normal circumstances, only receive recognition by others when being stated to others merely for their involvement in contributing to the severe statistics of dropout rates, usage of drugs, and unemployment status. The overall purpose of the story and its correlation with the theme of Baldwin’s work as a whole, is hidden behind his deliberate metaphorical use of the Blues. The distinctive feature of the Blues is its arrangement of individual and public significance in a harmonious affair with the past. "The Blues-singer…
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