James Blais Young Adulthood

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Introduction James Blais was born on May 26th 1984 in Washington D.C. His parents were beside themselves with joy when their physician proclaimed their son had a clean bill of health. James was born nearly a month and a half late and weighed an astonishing eleven and a half pounds. Nurses and relatives were astonished with the child’s strong foundation of bulk, the newborn inherited from a petite mother and average sized father. James was the third child of Dianne, and Gerard Blais, a young liberal couple attempting to make a difference in the Nation’s capital. One year later the couple had their final child, Rose Blais.
The world was new and everything fascinated the young behemoth James, “The first year of postnatal development,
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Upon completion of High School, the author attempted to differieante himself from his family members. The siblings of the author all attended accredited universities immediately after high school. James however moved to San Diego California to create a new life for himself, escaping the torment and ridicule one feel’s when they view themselves as the self-proclaimed black sheep of the family. Memories of life in beautiful San Diego still hold a special place in the author’s heart. It was in California where James first truly experienced independence and freedom from his overly judgmental and cruel family. The author had a passion for physical fitness, which provided the motivation necessary to become a certified personal trainer. The author genuinely enjoyed helping others achieve their fitness goals; however, the need to sell personal training sessions in order to maintain basic living necessities was stressful at times. This segment of the author’s life is where he developed strong communication skills. Learning how to relate to the consumer are the fundamentals in positions in which sales dictate one’s salary. The author would supplement his income by providing security services to bars on
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