James Bond In David Michaels's Die Another Day

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James Bond is known as one of the most talented spies of all time and in Die Another Day by David Michaels he is set on a mission to assassinate Colonel moon, after Bond sneaks into Colonel Moon's base, Zao (Moons assistant) discovered that Bond is an agent Zao then attempts to capture bond as Colonel Moon flees the base, but bond escapes to a jet and chases after Colonel Moon, this jet fight ended in Colonel Moon's apparent death and Bond being captured by Colonel Moon's father General Moon. Bond is then tortured for 14 months, and then traded for Zao, Then Bond is met by M and she delivers the news that bond has been suspended for leaking government info. Bond is furious and decides to finish the mission on his own. Bond then flies to Cuba after receiving info that Zao is there.…show more content…
BOnd and Jinx go back to london to meet with Gustav whose assistant is Miranda Frost, a undercover agent for MI6. Gustav take bond back to iceland with him and tells him about his new tool the “Icarus" which is able to focus solar energy on a small area and provide year-round sunshine for crop development. During the night Jinx infiltrates Gustavs office and gets captured while bond finds out that Gustav is actually Colonel MOon, who used gene therapy to change apperance. Frost then reveals that she is a double agent , forcing bond to leave the facility to go rescue Jinx While at the Ice Palace Zao and Bond have a fight leading to Zao getting crushed by a Chandelier, bond the revives the drowned Jinx. Then the pair chase after Gustav leading to a fight on a plane where a rogue bullet pieces the fuselage, Gustav attempts to escape with a parachute but bond pulls it which made Gustave get sucked into the plane engine killing him and the
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