James Brown: The Godfather of Soul

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James had inspired a lot of artists and also on some genres. For example, his rhythmical funk songs were sampled on some hip-hop genre songs and influenced on the hip-hop genre’s development. Brown was known as his unique soulful voice with great showmanship. Brown was also known for his work of social Activist, writing songs about social problems. Some of his well-known songs are “Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag” (1965), “I Got You (I Feel Good)” (1965), and “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World” (1966). Even though his greatest hits are from 1960s, a lot of these songs are still used in the commercials, films, and T.V. shows even in nowadays.
James Joseph Brown, Jr., a.k.a. James Brown was born in Barnwell, State of South Carolina May 3, 1933. At his age of four, he moved to Georgia to live with his Aunt. At his young age, Brown was in the time of the Great Depression so he took whatever job that he could find just to make some money. In 1944, Brown showed his talent for the first time and won first place for an open music convention in Lenox Theater. Later on, Brown got kicked out of school at the age of twelve for not having proper clothing. Now that Brown does not need to go to school, he worked full-time with the low paying jobs. Because of his harsh life growing up in the racism society, Brown had hold on to music…
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