James C. Petersen : The Flat-Brain Theory Of Emotions

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James C. Petersen sets out on a mission to aim, teach, improve listening, and talking skills. This improves relationships with others, both professionally and personally. Similar to other communication books he begins with a brief overview of communication and what to expect. The book is based on five section explores communication options. His book is based off of the Flat-Brain Theory of Emotions. Petersen (2007) he suggests that individuals become confused between the difference of a feeling and a thought and their relation. Different body parts and areas suggest various thoughts and feelings that affect each other. The Flat-Brain Theory, which purports a triadic formula of self that includes the stomach, heart, and head (Petersen 2007, p. 11). This leads to the Flat-Brain Syndrome which is detrimental to our communication with self and others.

“Stomach functions consist of emotions or feelings, the heart functions consist of giving and receiving support, suggestions, and concerns while remaining open to options and the head functions allow us to logically “incorporate thinking, planning, remembering, reviewing, deciding, rationalizing” (Petersen, 2007, p.68-72). As all of these areas exchange information results in the skewing of thoughts and hurtful language (Petersen, 2007). In retaliation, the recipient responds defensively and Petersen suggest that we constructively introduce the talker-listener process (Petersen, 2007). Next, Petersen explains that there are

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