James Cameron: Avatar Essay

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James Cameron, the director of Titanic, is innovative and intelligent. Cameron is a man that knows exactly what variables are necessary in creating a movie. About 12 years after the release of Titanic, Cameron creates yet another smashing, breath-taking, mind-boggling film. One that initially raised suspicion but later proved to be an extraordinary film. The name of that film is Avatar. Avatar is a sensational piece of work. It has a clean cut message about earth preservation and anti-war mentalities. Obviously, the time and money spent to make this movie was used wisely, every aspect of this film is strategically orchestrated down to every detail. It is visually, mentally, and emotionally stimulating. The effects in this
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During his quest to save Earth, he falls in love with Neytiri, a native woman, who is the daughter of the king and queen of the land. Jake then switched to attempting to persuade the Armed Forces to take a different approach to save Earth. Through near death experiences and life altering situations, he realizes the essence of the life/nature connection that the Na’vi retains. Ultimately, the Armed Forces come in and take what they want bringing chaos to the peaceful world of Pandora, killing plenty and destroying much.
Avatar opened a new door for movies. The way Cameron chose to make a blue-faced, golden eyed, 12 feet tall woman with a tail the love interest was eye-catching. Neytiri was in her own way beautiful. She was collectively strong, courageous, and graceful. The intelligence and technology used to join Earthly creatures with creatures of the unknown was invigorating. The invention of the chambers that held the humans as they took up their Na’vi form was cleverly put together. The connection and communication styles of the natives were presented flawlessly. The movie ends with an action pack scene that makes the film well-rounded. Although, the movie was quite lengthy, not one second of the movie was wasted and every minute was worth watching.
From this point on, directors will consider taking a more imaginative approach when creating a film. Especially the 3D
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