James Fenimore Cooper Essay

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James Fenimore Cooper was one of the pioneers in American novel writing. Cooper used the life and things he had experienced and turned them into best-selling novels that have held up throughout the years. He became famous with the publication of the wilderness adventures. Along with the success these books brought, so to came some criticism. To truly understand Coopers books you have to delve deeply into them and know from where he got the ideas for the stories.
James Fenimore Cooper was born in Burlington, New Jersey on September 15th 1789 (“James Fenimore Cooper,” American Eras, n.p.). He was the eleventh child of William Cooper and Elizabeth Fenimore Cooper, whom he would later adopt part of his name from. His father was a land
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The result was Cooper’s first book, a book on manners and proper etiquette. A book of this type was very common for the time and not noteworthy aside from being the book that brought him into the literary world. Cooper’s first book of import was The Spy, published in 1821. There were quickly three editions of the book and it was adapted for the New York stage. Critics referred to Cooper as “The first who deserved the appellation of a distinguished American Novel writer (JFC, DISCovering Biography, n.p.).”
     In 1822, Cooper published The Pioneers, which was the first of the Leatherstocking Tales. The book sold 3,000 copies on the day of release (for the time, a lot of copies) (JFC, DISCovering Biography, n.p.). Cooper was challenged by Sir Walter Scott to write something better than his book, The Pirate, after Cooper had criticized it. The result was his first nautical novel, The Pilot. All of his publications led to Cooper becoming more and more of a household name (JFC, DISCovering Biography, n.p.). Coopers popularity led to his appointment in 1824 as committee member to welcome Marquis de Lafayette. In that same year he was given an honorary master of the Arts by Columbia University. Two years later, The Last of the Mohicans was published and was commended by critics (JFC, DISCovering Biography, n.p). This would go down in history as Coopers most famous and oft read book (JFC, DISCovering Biography, n.p.).
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