James Franco Research Paper

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A man once said “ If it doesn´t challenge you, it won´t change you.” Now think about that for a moment and ask yourself, can it be true? I am glad to dedicate my thoughts and experiences in this essay about changes that include my favorite person, the one and only, James Franco who has inspired me to write this longed-for essay.

One of my biggest inspiration sources behind this essay was James Franco. He is known as an author, actor and a director. In my eyes, he is likely the most decent person I know. Even though I have not met him in person, it feels like I have known him for ages. I admire him: his compelling eyes, smile and his extraordinary laugh. When I first heard of Franco, I was sitting behind a computer screen after watching one
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I wanted to change some important things in my life that included: my writing skills, reading comprehension and talking slower when having an oral presentation. In order to do these changes, I put up goals. To accomplish the first goal, which was the reading comprehension, I went to the library and borrowed some classic English literature books: Pride and prejudice by Jane Austin, Huckleberry & Finn by Mark Twain and Moby Dick by Herman Melville.

Also, in today´s society, there are millions of people who want changes in their lives. The changes can be: getting healthier, stop with drug addicts or become a better person. As the quotation goes “easier said than done” is very common. I have met people who want’s changes in their lives, but have not taken into account for any reason. I would say that it is perhaps of the lack of inspiration and not committing 100% of hard work to aim the goal. There is also a quote that I consider can be true about addicts who aspire after a change “This is what addicts do. The second they start making progress they screw up, because deep down they think it’s only a matter of time before they fail. They’d rather fall from the third floor than the
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