James Frey's Rehabilitation Journey

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The beginning of James Frey’s rehabilitation journey began when he was twenty three. His family brought him to one of the best treatment facilities in the world (Frey, 2003). This was only after he was put on a plan with no recollection of how he came to be the bloody mess that he was and how he got to the plan. He knows that if he does not except help now that there might be a real chance that he may not live much longer. This is because he can no longer control his abusive tendencies (Frey, 2003). James Frey overall seemed to be a very stubborn individual and did not want to follow the rules. The rehabilitation facility had very few strict rules. One at which being, to not talk to others of the opposite sex. James defied this his very first night in the facility. This only became worse when he began a relationship with same girl. James wanted to move forward and get better, but he continually reminded himself that he would not be able to do it. It was only over time that James did change and truly wanted to get sober (Frey, 2003). It is possible that James Frey lacked the ability to cope with reality, this could be the reason why he had turned to the use of drugs in the first place. He would use just about anything, if it were present. While in treatment, James had to relearn how to live his live without the use of drugs. He had suffered from “Learned Helplessness,” which was clearly seen when we first were introduced to James. Frey also had no self-efficacy, he

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