James Herriot's Practice

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James Herriot’s Practice In the 1940’s, James Herriot was out of veterinary school, and was hired by a man named Siegfried Farnon, who owned a veterinary practice in the English countryside. He was an apprentice until sometime later, when he was more knowledgeable. People usually expected Farnon, and were disappointed by Herriot’s appearance, but when they learned he knew as much as Farnon did, they accepted him as a veterinarian for their animals. However, this took time, and Herriot was frustrated and wondered when the people would stop treating him like he knew nothing about how to treat ailing animals. Some of his most interesting cases involved a Pekingese and a rich widow. The Pekingese, named Tricki Woo, had a condition called “flop-bott”, so his owner, a rich widow named Mrs. Pumphreys, brings him to Herriot. Herriot diagnoses the little dog, and, noticing that Tricki Woo was a little chubby, tells her to stop feeding him sweets and treats. She complies for a short while, but when Herriot is invited to one of her parties, finds out that she is still feeding him cake. He warns Mrs. Pumphreys again to stop feeding Tricki Woo extra things, but later, she calls Herriot to see the…show more content…
The cat in the end recovers, and they adopt him, thinking he is a stray cat. Herriot and his wife immediately take to the cat, calling him Oscar. One day, he vanishes suddenly, and hours later, he is returned by a neighbor who was a a meeting across town and found Oscar there. This happens several times over the next days and weeks. Then, the “Gibbons family comes to claim him and confirm it is their cat by saying how much he likes to visit people. They rename him Tiger, ” and Herriot and his wife, Helen were sad. But when they are in the area, the come and visit Oscar and his
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