James Hosmer 's Life And Life

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James Hosmer was a fisherman, a hunter, a gardener, and an office worker. He thought he was healthy most of his life. He couldn’t wait to retire soon. He had worked his whole life to get to this point. Then tragedy struck, he went to his doctor one day because he was having pain all over his body. That pain ended up being cancer. The cancer would stop him from planting his garden, the cancer would stop him from getting that big fish, and spending time with grandchildren. The cancer would also stop him from his lifelong dream of seeing his daughter Susana Nwosu graduate from nursing school. It was a slow and painful death. The person that was once full of life, happiness, and energy was gone. There was just a shell of a person left. He made the promise that if he had just one more chance, that he would be healthy. That desire soon faded from sheer pain and suffering. The cancer was ravaging his body. At the end, James just wanted to die. Did it have to end this way? Could this cancer have been prevented? We know that living an unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle is associated with an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer (Mayo Clinic, 2014). Living a sedentary lifestyle is a contributing factor to obesity, disease and chronic issues. Can this all be avoided if we take action now? This is the question that needs to be explored. Is your desk job a danger? Researchers have found that a sedentary life could be just as dangerous, if not more so than smoking

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