James Joyce's Araby Essay

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Araby by James Joyce

     In "Araby" James Joyce explores the theme that adulthood is not always what it seems. The narrator in the story is the main character and he demonstrates this theme when he falls in love with the girl in his neighborhood. In the beginning the young boy is too shy to express his feeling towards her. Later in the story he tells her of a present that he is going to bring her from the bazzar. Lastly he realizes that he has failed and now has lost his chance with this girl and is "driven by anguish and derided by vanity" (Joyce).

     From the beginning of the story we can notice the affection that this young boy has for the girl. He is so
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He has found this perfect girl and has entered a what seems like dream where he pictures him with her, however that is not a reality("Dream").

     Later in the story the girl approaches him and asks "Are you going to bazaar?" and the boy replies "If I go, I will bring you something". The boy is now excited about this chance to impress her by bringing her a gift. He runs back home and patiently awaits his uncle to give him money. He knows that this is the only chance he has to get this girl to like him and he is getting nervous because its getting late and his uncle is not yet back (Joyce).

     In the article entitled "Analysis" the author states this story deals with longing for adventure and escape. The boy is becoming a man and he is going through the changes from childhood to adulthood. He is now faced with a problem of first the girl and now the bazaar to which he has to go to in order to get her a present. One os the other themes that the author implies is frustration which can be seen on the boy as he tries to deal with the problems imposed on him by the situation ("Analysis")

     At the end of the story the boy finally gets to bazaar, however he is late because he had waited on his uncle. The boy looks at the almost shut off lights at the bazaar as he realizes that he had missed his chance. He came late and everything
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