Essay on James Joyce's "Dubliners"

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James Joyce's "Dubliners" Throughout James Joyce’s “Dubliners” there are four major themes that are all very connected these are regret, realization, self hatred and Moral paralysis, witch is represented with the actual physical paralysis of Father Flynn in “The Sisters”. In this paper I intend to explore the different paths and contours of these themes in the four stories where I think they are most prevalent ,and which I most enjoyed “Araby”, “Eveline”, “The Boarding House”, and “A Little Cloud”. The story of “Araby” is that of a young boy probably about the age of adolescence who is having his first crush on his friends sister. Although the boy seems to have no intention of realistically perusing the situation when the girl…show more content…
To all of us reading the story the choice is clear, Eveline has no reason to stay home. Frank on the other hand seems like a great guy. Her inability too choose going with Frank or even show him any signs of recognition as seen here “Her eyes gave him no signs of love or farewell or recognition.”(Joyce P.33)shows a clear moral paralysis. Eveline in contrast to most of the other main characters shows no realization about what she has learned, has learned nothing about her self to hate and is stuck in a seemingly more hopeless moral paralysis. “The Boarding House” is one of the most interesting stories in the book. First we meet Mrs. Mooney, Polly Mooney the main character’s mother. Because of her history, mostly her exhusband she has become a very tough self sufficient women. Then we have Polly and her love entrust Bob Doran. At first it seems like Bob a thirty five year old matured man is taking advantage of this young sweet nineteen year old girl. As the story goes on and the Mrs. Mooney knows of the affair and lets it happen and then wants something from it we are still not sure. Then Mr. Doran’s indasigen when he was thinking of what had to be done. “Perhaps they could be happy together.......” It just made him seem so innocent and like a victim(Joyce P.58). But just like the two other stories I discussed the end tells all. Just before Mr. Doran was going to go down to meet with Mrs. Mooney Polly was sitting with him on the bed crying
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