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James Joyce wrote the book Dubliners; Joyce expresses many different types of emotions throughout the book. The emotions portray individuals in society, and light and dark. The emotions of individuals are examined throughout the stories by other members in society. The stories that express the ideas are: “The Encounter,” “Eveline”, and “The Dead.” The symbolism of individuals in society expresses many different situations that are happening in the characters lives. The symbolism of light goes along with the idea of feeling happy and enjoying life. The theme of dark shows the individuals fighting, and having a negative outlook on life.

The story of the “Encounter” expresses different images of
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The story of “Eveline” shows the images of the girl’s past being the image of dark, and her future the image of light. The promise made between her and her mother holds her back from moving on with her life. She feels that she is confused with leaving or staying. “She remembered the last night of her mother’s illness; she was again in the close dark room at the other side of the hall and outside she heard a melancholy air of Italy” (33). The feeling of being portrayed of being lost between her past and her future. She wants more, but doesn’t want to go against her mothers wish. The story of “Eveline” gives different perspectives of the society. The society plays a major factor in the roles of the characters with the decisions they make. She feels parted from her family and the society puts a toll on her feelings. “In her home anyway she had shelter and food; she had those who she had known all her life about her” (30). The life she used to have is different than the life she wants to take with Frank. Frank feels pressured to make the right decisions to make him look good in the society. “Eveline” expresses how much the society has an impact on the individuals and how they interact with each other.

The confusion of the “Dead” shows many different images of the themes of light and dark. The images show the characters’ feelings at harsh,
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