James Longstreet Is a Book About a Striking Man Who Played a Big Role in the Civil War, by Melanie LeTourneau

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"A most striking figure… a soldier every inch, and very handsome tall and proportioned. General Longstreet is one of the kindest, best hearted man I have ever known.” James Longstreet, by Melanie LeTourneau is a great book. It is non-fiction, written about the life of a man who played a big role in the civil war- James Longstreet. You should read James Longstreet because it was not too difficult, the author did a great job of giving a clear vision of the time, and it was very descriptive.
If you are looking for an understandable and concise book, this is for you. It is not too difficult, but at the same time, it is not too easy. First off, it’s short, a mere 104 pages. Also, there are not very many challenging words. The book has some
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One way the author did this one through statistics. For example, she wrote, “Soldiers using these weapons could fire as many as twenty shots per minute, as opposed to two or three shots per minute that a skilled rifleman could fire with a front loading gun.” With this statistic we can see the comparison between the number of shots their gun can shoot. The author also gave primary sources . One example of this that she included in the book was, “Look out for work now boys, for here’s the old bulldog again.” This really shows you what that time was like and furthers your understanding. Some may argue against the book being understandable, descriptive and clear. Some may argue that this book is boring because it is non-fiction. The problem is, when thinking about non-fiction, people usually use stereotypes. They think non-fiction books have no storyline and that they are just full of facts. That is not true for this book. This is the story of James Longstreet’s life. We get to experience all the struggles and hardships he faced along with some of the exciting things that happened in his life. It is interesting. Other people may say that it’s too easy, but it’s not. There are very many characters and it’s hard to keep them straight. Also, there are some occasional vocabulary words that are difficult to understand. So neither of those statements are a valid argument.
In conclusion, you should read James Longstreet. It is a great read. It’s not very
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