James Madison Biography Essay

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Born on March 16, 1751, James Madison grew up on a huge estate. This 13,500-acre stretch was opened by Madison’s grandfather, James TaylorⅡ, a knight of the Golden Horseshoe. As a little boy, James played with the slave children on the plantation. The plantation was used to grow tobacco and wheat field, tended by the slaves. As Madison grew up, he believed slavery was wrong, even though his family owned more than 100 slaves (Clinton, 1986,16). When Madison was 11, he went to school to learn Latin, greek, algebra, and french. After 5 years of school and 2 years of tutoring, Madison went to the college of New Jersey(Clinton, 1986, 19). His choice of college was surprising because Southerners didn’t go to school up north. But, finishing in just 2 years he graduated in 1771. (Clinton, 1986, 21). As an adult, James Madison joined the militia and was going to be a part of the…show more content…
He was known as Johnny by his family and was told that he needed to set an example for his siblings. He was the oldest boy and had two brothers and two sisters. He constantly reminded me that he was privileged (Remini, 2002, 2). Boys were taught at a very young age to learn to take charge and be responsible. They have the responsibility of carrying the family name and taking care of the family. Unfortunately, he could never live up to his parents' constant expectations. Adams became an “introverted, self-critical individual.” He also became full of pride and low personal esteem. He later became a very cold, austere, and reserved man. People saw him as a social savage and poorly mannered. (Remini, 2002, 3). All of that pressure and responsibility put on him by his parents growing up, made him the man that he was.At the age of 16, he went to school at Harvard. He spent 4 years and graduated second in his class. He got a degree in law but had no interest in law. He got the degree to satisfy his parents (Remini, 2002,
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