James Rose's Career

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It was a prestigious New England liberal arts college that personified Academia the way the golden leaves in Autumn spoke of fall. It was known as a “writers college” but the steep tuition spoke of not accepting actual ‘writers’ as much as those people who had connections or their parents had money. The only writers that came out of there after a spate of 1960’s “capture the era” writers were people who wrote….business articles. Its most famous graduate had never published anything at all, while having much written about him.

So the university was comfortable and happy. Once in a while you would hear rumors of a rape on campus but that was mostly “heresay”, quickly covered up by a transfer or a hushed accusation. In short, it was the
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It was said he was sick of the lay-offs and watching middle America get ravished by greed. It was also said that he had moved back to the mansion overlooking the University and from there he endowed the “James Rose’ scholarship. It paid for all 4 years at the “University” and provided a stipend that meant that you were not a “struggling” and “poor” student. It was a meritocratic scholarship and consisted of simply 3 essay’s that were written and sent in along with your CV, the only stipulation was that you had to:
1. Study Writing and
2. Live at the mansion and Mondays talk books with James Rose.
One student had come and fallen in love with him. Her plunge down the gorge when he did not reciprocate was hushed up. The second had not proven worthy. Her lack of imagination was said to have her transferred to Yale where she was now studying. In two years he was already on this third student.

So he had the Mercedes convertible and was driving into the city to pick up the 3rd award recipient. She was English raised but living in the Midwest and somehow her essays spoke to him. He went to the airport and had a valet park his car. Dressed in a Brooks Brothers blue blazer, tan khaki pants and a blue button down he stood at the top of the escalator, peering down it to see if the face coming up was equal to the picture that had been sent with the 3
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