James Russell Lowell

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"There is Lowell, who's striving Parnassus to climb With a whole bale of isms tied together with rhyme ; He might get on alone, spite of brambles and boulders But he can't with that bundle he has on his shoulders ; …" -Fable for Critics, Lowell James Russell Lowell was a father and a husband, but most importantly he was a man of literature. Lowell's works were greatly influenced by those around him, events during his time, and events in his personal life. Lowell had to overcome many "brambles and boulders" through his life, such as the death of his wife and the death of most of his children, which affected, and are apparent in, his works. Although…show more content…
This poem is happy and cheerful, it is about love and nature. The poem My Love is presumably written about Lowell's late wife Maria. In it, Lowell writes about how much he loves this woman and how perfect and awesome her love is. He talks about how selfless and fair she is, how kind and wide her heart is, and how she is a blessing to be with. The mood of this poem is cheerful and appreciative. Summer Storm is about the feeling of everything before a storm, what it's like to be in a storm, and the calm a storm has when it parts. Lowell uses so much imagery in this piece that it makes the reader feel like they are in the storm. Another poem by Lowell is called The Moon, he compares the moon to his soul. The tone of this poem is very sad, angry, and lonely. It seemed like his personal tragedies may have prompted him to write this piece. Lastly, there is Song, which is about a fair bud of a lily. The sun, wind, and rain take care of it and it grows into a beautiful woman-flower, but sadly and suddenly it is struck by death during the process of its growth. One may inquire that this poem may have been prompted by one of his person tragedies. Most of Lowell's works were effected by the joyful and the tragic events that were afoot in his life. For example. My Love was written about his the love of his life, and The First Snowfall was prompted by the death of his children. His works were also influenced by the events in his time,
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