James T Kirk: A Short Story

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The Starship Enterprise normally holds a crew of eight-hundred. The blue shirts, the red shirts and the yellow shirts; a family, you could say. Other time James T Kirk had learnt everyone’s names and he would never forget them. Even if it had taken him three months of his life to memorize everyone’s names, faces and jobs, he did it, after sacrificing many hours of sleep. Everyone meant something, they had a function and a job abort the ship; if they leave or die, there is a hole left behind. But there was one soul, one beautiful and young soul, that didn’t deserve to die. He had been a humour of the Enterprise. Every day without fail, he found a way to put smiles on everyone’s faces. His positive attitude towards life was so grown-up and complex for a boy so young. He had amazed Spock with the way he faced his day, he would run into the main deck with a smile from ear to ear and he would sit in his seat; he wouldn’t moan, he would never raise his voice and he never…show more content…
It was a normal day, he made them laugh to the extent that milk poured out of the Captain’s nose; he then proceeded down the corridor towards the main deck whilst talking to Sulu. That’s when his day changed. An explosion came from the main core, he ran down with his Captain and Scotty to see the extent of the damage; the rest is history. You don’t need to know the details; you don’t need to know if he died slowly or quickly. You don’t need to know why he died, because no one has the answer for that. On the normal day, Pavel Chekov took his last breath. There is one fact you can know, as soon as the young boy faded away; an eerie silence took hold of the ship. The only sounds were the distant hums of the engine and the heavy breathing of James Kirk as he had held his hand out in a desperate attempt to save his
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