James Taylor Fire And Rain Sound Devices

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I Feel the Earth Move - 3:00
The sound in this song has many levels that combine well together, it starts very upbeat and the piano has the same percussive sound as the lyrics. The sound mirrors the subject of the song because it talks about the many emotions you feel whenever the object of your desire is near you. Your emotions are all over the place and the honesty in her voice as she grooves on to her beat is transmitted perfectly through the song. You hear a bit of guitar but the central sound is the piano and it sounds great.
So Far Away – 3:55
This song features James Taylor on the acoustic guitar, and the sound is so intimate and again honest. Aside from the piano and the guitar you also have Russ Kunkel on drums and Charles Larkey on
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It’s very jazzy with the saxophone giving you that melancholic sound and the balance between the piano, drums and acoustic guitar. The vocal harmonies are very soulful and soothing.
You've Got a Friend – 5:09
Carole wrote this song during the recording session of Tapestry and according to James Taylor the song was a response to a line in his song “Fire and Rain” that says, “I’ve seen lonely times when I could not find a friend." It talks about having an unconditional friend that is always a phone call away and that no matter what she will be there no matter the circumstances. The sound is very simple and intimate with not a lot going on, I think this is due to the fact that the lyrics are what is important.
Where You Lead (lyrics by Toni Stern) – 3:20
The song is pretty straight forward the lyrics are simple and right to the point no hidden meaning behind it. It’s very catchy and the music is very happy and uplifting the usual pop sound with catchy lyrics and simple music to sing along. It’s a beautiful love song about the things we do for love and follow the person you love so that they never feel lonely. Again it sounds a little like Doo-Wop with a little bit of
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