James Taylor 's Fire And Rain

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James Taylor’s Fire and Rain, released in February of 1970, discusses and confronts several problems of the era. Within the first stanza, the death of a friend named Suzanne is discussed. This parallels other themes mentioned in later stanzas about drugs and depression, as well as new found fame and fortune and the booming celebrity scene at the time. James Taylor’s song brings to light many taboo subjects of its time period; suicide, drug addiction, and depression. Specifically, drug abuse in this era (1960’s-70’s) is on the rise. James Taylor was previously a drug addict and expresses his feelings toward the subject in his song. This also touches slightly on the subject of the first stanza about death and thinking one will see a friend again; many drug users at the time lost their lives to their addictions.
Drug Trends in the Seventies Much like today 's war on drugs, the uprise of drug users in the seventies sparked much controversy in both normal American lives as well as those of the celebrity status. Countless studies of the time analyze class, age, gender, location and many other factors to try to determine a trend in drug abusers. In one article, two spectrums of drug abusers were identified. One spectrum was of young heroin users who have shown to statistically engage in illegal endeavors while the other spectrum is that of middle-aged southern whites (Ball, 1965). Drug addiction has also coincided with changes in society; at this time technology had recently
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