James V. Meow Media and the Role of Responsibility Essay

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James v. Meow Media and the Role of Responsibility

In James v. Meow Media Inc., Michael Carneal, an avid video-gamer, is responsible for the murder of his high school peers. Research of Carneal’s daily habits showed that the content of his video games was a potential cause of his disastrous behavior. When dealing with a minor, factors of life while approaching the level of maturity must be taken into consideration. This case shows the ease in which fingers are pointed in efforts to protect a child in need of help. Negligence was the common theme for why the affected families felt Meow Media owed a duty of care. In the case of a 14 year-old minor, the presence and the proactive nature of a parent is vital. Because Carneal’s parents
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Additionally, it was revealed that a history of mental illness was common on his father’s side of the family (Moore, Petrie , Braga & McLaughlin, 2003). The symptoms of Carneal’s illnesses were apparent in his daily interactions. By being aware of familial disorders and observing his socially dysfunctional behavior, proper precautions could have been taken sooner. Parents observe the behaviors of their children each day and, therefore, owe a duty of care. Meow Media Inc. made and sold their video games with no intention of them falling into the hands of a troubled child. The likelihood of a mentally/emotionally stable individual taking action to endanger innocent lives in order to mimic a game is low. Learning and understanding right from wrong is instilled during an individual’s early youth. Depending on varying circumstances, the environment that a child is placed in may have an adverse effect on the child’s development. Genetic defects are major circumstances that, if not handled with care and caution, could alter a child’s reaction to his or her environment. In 1978, A Dutch woman took action to stop the vicious cycle that haunted her family. Her family consisted of multiple aggressive men that carried a long history of rape dating back to 1870. When she saw that her son acquired some of these familial traits, she immediately took action (Richardson, 1993). Geneticists ran a series of tests and found that the personality disorder that

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