James and the Giant

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Class notes from April 14, 2011 This presents three different sample outlines for the Preliminary Research Report, using different research topics. I have edited the outlines somewhat, mostly by re-arranging ideas into the appropriate section (for example, moving some questions out of III and moving them into III or vice versa). After the examples I present a brief review of style/voice—in other words, how to write up your information in each section, by demonstrating how you might begin each section. In these examples section I and II present questions that the Preliminary Report would answer. For example, the first paper would explain who was affected by Katrina, what Katrina was, and so on. Section III presents questions that…show more content…
People directly effected iii. Other people around the world iv. Research from major media, surveys, people publically speaking out against the government’s failure to act appropriately, Overall topic: Scarcity of water and food Subtopic: Scarcity of water and food in Africa Research Question: How does the interrelationship between water and food production affect life in sub-Saharan Africa? I. Introduce the overall topic, explain basic info about that topic a. What questions must this paper answer about this topic? • Why is it scarce? • Why is scarcity an issue? • Is the scarcity of food dependent on the scarcity of water? • When did water start becoming scarce? • What can the U.S do about it? Is it effecting the U.S. Is it directly effecting Americans. Or are we part of the problem? (These questions are less important than the others for an overview of the topic, but do help the reader connect to the topic.) II. Introduce the subtopic that you intend to focus on, explain basic info about that topic a. What questions must this paper answer about this subtopic? • Where do they get water? Is it filtered/contaminated? o Does location of “watering holes” play a factor in scarcity of water? o Does Africa posses the technological means to purify water? • What is Africa’s annual GDP? • What part of Africa is the
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