James 's Impact On The New Company

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James had been an attorney for 17 years before deciding to open up a practice of his own. Although some of James client’s followed him to his new firm, James was falling behind on bills and wanted to continue to support his lavish lifestyle, that he decided to start advertising. James figures he could draw clients in by advertising for new clients $200 flat fee, however, omitted from the letter that it was an advertisement and that $200 flat fee only applied to a case which required an hour or less of preparation time. James often waits outside emergency rooms to hand out letters, leaves plaintiffs and via mail for in-person contact. Susie was recently involved in a motor accident due to the faulty machinery of car company A. Susie is badly injured, received an advertisement letter from James and immediately called him for consultation. James previously was on a team of lawyers in this old firm that represented “car company A” in a dispute about faulty machinery parts used for their cars; this case involved protected information. James knows “car company A” history and wants to use this to build a case and decided to take on Susie’s case, convincing himself that this could be the case that makes his start-up firm big What issues could James possibly encounter? Rule 1.9b and 1.9bc applies here. “A lawyer shall not knowingly represent a person in the same or a substantially related matter in which a firm with which the lawyer formerly was associated had previously represented
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