Jamestown And Plymouth Compare And Contrast

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Jamestown and Plymouth were both the first successful towns in the “new world” aka United states, in the 1700’s. Jamestown was located in Virginia and Plymouth was located in Massachusetts. Both towns had their ups and downs. In this essay i will discuss the compare and contrast between the towns. In both towns, these civilizations both had their ups and downs. But Jamestown was something else. Men were superior to women. Women were working with crops while the Men would run the town and make sure it was successful. Women would often work on corn, wheat, potatoes, etc. But most importantly, everyone was for themselves. People had to make sure that they were going to eat, where to sleep and what not. As a result of that, many got rich. Many were making money for themselves. However, once Smith left the colony, he never returned.…show more content…
This colony was quite different from Virginia. In Plymouth, everyone was each others backbone, meaning everyone helped each other out. Whether it was crops or building etc. Everybody was entitled to religious freedom, their rights. One difference though is that Bradford was more caring of his people and he remained there the rest of his life. Both Plymouth and Jamestown came from England. All people from England created these towns in what they called the “new world”. One thing that they didn’t know was that there was going to be starvation and death. Adjusting to a new plain environment can be risky and unsafe in many ways. But in luck, they met the native americans who provided them with some food and supplies to help
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