Jamestown Colony Settlers

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Admiral Newport returned with two ships with these supposed metals in tow, to show to the crown and, if these metals were sufficient, he would return with more men and supplies to assist the new colony. In a letter Newport remarks, “The country is excellent and very rich in gold and copper. Of the gold we have brought a say and hope to be with Your Lordship shortly to show His Majesty and the rest of the Lords”. Unfortunately for the Virginia Company the primary mineral brought back to England were worthless as it was pyrite, that is, fool’s gold. Determining the effect the Jamestown colony had on the environment and on the Native American cultures of the Chesapeake Bay vicinity is a complex issue that must be examined from the perspective of both the Powhatan people and the English settlers. Prior to the establishment of Jamestown, approximately 15,000 natives inhabited the area around Chesapeake Bay, most of whom were ruled by Chief Powhatan. The initial interactions between the Powhatan people and the English were, at times, volatile and violent. Each society lived based on very different principles, especially in regard to the responsibilities of individuals and gender role deviations. Each group, believing they were correct, expected the other to comply with their rules and customs, and when they did not, relations deteriorated. One subject, in particular, that these two…
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