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Jamestown settlement was the first successful establishment when the 13 colonies on North America were founded. In 1606, King James I sent a charter known as the First Charter of Virginia to the Virginia Company in order to assign land rights to colonists. By assigning land rights, King James I had a better grip on propagating the Anglican Religion to the settlers. He also had the intentions of rectifying other countries from Europe at this time from expanding overseas, and he wanted to locate a northwest passage to Asia. Virginia Colony was one of the 13 colonies in Colonial America, and this is where Jamestown was located. The London Company—later known as the
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Eventually indentured servants were replaced with African slaves as the main source of labor, but this did not happen until the later portion of the seventeenth century. The House of Burgesses was called to meet in July of 1619 and this was the House’s first meeting. The House of Burgesses was established by the Virginia Company in order to encourage and expand English craftsmen in North America and also to keep the colonies in order and at ease. One of the most important powers held by the House of Burgesses was that they controlled the laws of Jamestown. In other words they approved all the laws passed for Jamestown settlers to abide by. The governor, the council, or the directors in London had the ability to deny any law they saw unfit for Jamestown. The influence of the House of Burgesses was greatly restricted.

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