Jamestown Essay

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In the sixteenth century, England was one of the most powerful countries in the world. England was also in dire need of money at this time. In an effort to alleviate the country’s financial burdens, King Henry VIII decided to seize land owned by the Catholic Church. Henry then sold the already inhabited land to investors, and its residents were forced out. These people and their descendants would eventually become some of the fortune-seeking colonists that would settle America during England’s try at Imperialism.
In the early 1600’s England need money once again, and this time it decided to by settling the new land to the west of them. Instead of actually funding
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Although the colony was near water and had a good location for shipping goods, it was surrounded by a swamp and stagnant water. This allowed disease to run rampant. Jamestown only lasted until 1700 when its settlers abandoned it, and moved Williamsburg.
The colonist’s primary objective, as mentioned before, was to make money, and also try and drive out Spanish colonies. None of the colonists concentrated on survival and focused on their search for prosperity. Because of all the time spent on looking for gold or the route to China, and their lack of skills, the colonists were not prepared for the harsh upcoming winter. The results were devastating. During the winter of 1609 – 1610 almost ninety percent of the colony was wiped out, and only 50 out of the 500 colonists survived.
The government of the colony consisted of a governor and 12 council members, all whom were appointed. The government, named the Virginia Council, had no decision making power at all. Everything was sent over to England, settled there, and then sent back. This system was outrageously inefficient and often took several years for anything to be resolved. This absurd and inept council was another reason the death toll at the colony was so high. They couldn’t force people to work on the colony. Finally, a man by the name of John Smith took control and opened the settler’s eyes. They started
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