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The Settlement of Jamestown Allison Stoots Ivy Tech University In 2007, the Jamestown settlement celebrated its 400th anniversary. The governing body of Virginia, the Virginia General Assembly, held a session there, a parade was held, and even Dick Cheney and Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom attended a ceremony honoring the historic site where English settlers would first find a permanent home in the future United States (Lessig and Payne, 2007). Looking backward, it seemed almost inevitable that the settling of Jamestown was the beginning of the United States as it’s known today. Yet in its time, the future of Jamestown was anything but certain. From the very beginning the settlers would face disease, drought, famine, and…show more content…
The Virginia Company had sent with the crew sealed orders to be opened upon arrival in the Americas. The foremost of these orders was to establish the colony inland. Due to the concerns of the ongoing hostilities in Europe and jealous grabbing of territory in the New world, a naval attack from an enemy country was a cause for alarm. In particular, the Virginia Company worried about what an attack by the impressive Spanish Armada would mean for the fledgling colony. (Sharpe, 2009.) Among the other orders was one, in particular, that would change the face of American history. John Smith, the mutineer who was supposed to be imprisoned and hanged, had been named a member of the governing council by the Virginia Company. Not wanting to upset his financiers, Captain Newport freed John Smith and restored his position as Captain and recognized him as a fellow member of the governing council. Following their instructions, the crew and passengers would once again board their ships sail up what they then named the James River, in honor of the British king. After traveling approximately thirty miles they found the an island in the midst of dense marshland that was deemed suitably an inland, and even more fortunate for the settlers, was not previously inhabited by Virginian tribes. The area was not without problems, however, as there was a reason that no tribesmen had

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