Jamie Batenhorst Is Titled As A “Human Resource Generalist”

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Jamie Batenhorst is titled as a “Human Resource Generalist” at Buckle’s corporate office. Through an interview, I was able to understand a bit more about the human resources department at Buckle and get a quick glimpse into how their corporation is run. Buckle is a retail clothing company that originated in Kearney, Nebraska. The corporation as grown nationally, having over 400 retail stores around the United States. Because the company started as a small clothing store, many changes have been made over the years. Included in those changes was the addition of a human resources department, added only within last 5 years. Up until such time, individual human resource functions were handled in each department that they loosely related to. I…show more content…
All too often, misunderstandings happen due to technology. So for Jaime, being able to interpret a situation and respond in a way that is easily readily is very important. Another big part of her job is training of managers. She said that she is constantly making phone calls to managers around the country working on their skills. “Role playing,” is the term Jaime used to describe what she does with store managers. She said that far too often managers are placed in situations where they are unsure how to handle in a way that the Buckle Corporation would want them to. By presenting managers with situation and asking them “how would you handle this?” it keeps the managerial teams proactive. She also mentioned that twice a year, all managers are asked to please come to Kearney for a formal evaluation and training weekend called “manager meetings.” This gives the generalists a chance to meet everyone face to face and get a feel for what they are actually like as a manager, rather than continuously having phone conversations. I did ask if is difficult not being able to evaluate the managers in person and see how things are run. She assured me that the steps they take to talk with employees and managers on the phone are a big help. At manager meetings, individuals are graded on how they interact with others, how they respond to situations and tough questions, and how they present themselves. This give the Buckle human resource team insight as to how they are running

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