Jamie Dimon and Bank One

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1. When Jamie Dimon was learning about the situation at BankOne, he was performing an internal environmental scan. He knew that the bank had tremendous assets, and had a strong suspicion that the problems at BankOne were internal. Thus, he needed to become acquainted with the problems internally in order to perform a diagnosis and to embark on his change program (No author, 2012).

2. Dimon sent a number of signals to the organization early in his tenure. By focusing his initial efforts entirely on the internal environment, he sent a clear signal to the organization that the problems were internal, and that these internal dynamics needed to be improved. Thus, it was a signal of intent that he focused his learning on the internal organization, so that the entire organization knew that it was toxic on the inside and changes needed to be made. He was setting the seeds for creating a sense of urgency for his change process (Kotter, 2008).

3. One of the characteristics that Dimon shared with entrepreneurs was his hands-on management style. He became active in different areas of the business in order to better understand how they work and how they are currently being run. In addition, he shared other traits. One was his focus on planning, and another was to become an expert (Stephenson, 2012). He knew that expertise was required to create a strong change plan, but that also the plan needed to be excellent because of the dire situation that the company was facing.

4. If I
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