Jamie Manok Research Paper

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Jamie Manok was born on April 16th 2002 in Fresno, California. Her middle name is Rose. Her mother’s name is Merry and her dads name is Jack. She has one brother and his name is Jackson. She lives near the school Forkner. She is also an animal lover and has two dogs named Yankee and Gunner. Yankee is a Maltese and Gunner is a Golden Retriever. She also has a cat whose name is max and he doesn’t have a tail. She also loves to participate in sports activities. Her favorite sport is golf. She plays golf with her two friends Meredith and Francesca. She also plays soccer, tennis, and track. Her second favorite sport is lacrosse. Her favorite snack is Dutch Bros. At Dutch Bros. she loves to buy the James Dean 24 ounce rebel blend or the tiger’s
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