Jamie Oliver - Brand Report

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Brand Extension - Jamie Oliver - ‘Jamie’s Lunchbox’

An Overview of ‘Jamie’s Lunchbox’:

The Brand -

Jamie Oliver is the top celebrity for both being likely to persuade consumers to buy a product, and for being the most trustworthy celebrity according to a poll undertaken by UTalkMarketing.

“UK consumers are increasingly cynical when it comes to celebrity endorsement - they admire the straight talking approach of Jamie Oliver, who resonates much more with the everyday shopper than some global A-list celebrities” (Niall McKinney, Director of UTalkMarketing.com)1

Jamie Oliver has a vast range of his own products, including knives, pans, essential gadgets, table top items such as crockery, cutlery and linen-ware, and a vast
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In terms of the brand - Jamie Oliver is an already established brand, but has not yet reached it’s maximum potential. ‘Jamie’s Lunchbox’ will increase the chances of this occurring, whilst not disrupting the infrastructure of the brand, and what it stands for.

In terms of consumers - There is a clear gap in the UK sandwich market, which has created a lack of consumer satisfaction. ‘Jamie’s Lunchbox’ will fill this dissatisfaction, whilst not being seen as mass commercialized due to the local products used. It will be something for the local community, from the local community.

External Marketing Analysis -

Opportunities - ‘a favorable set of conditions that limit barriers or provide rewards’.2

Gap in the market - competitors as of yet do not offer the same level of locally sourced products.

Take-away experience - 70% of professionals eat lunch at their desks;3 ‘Jamie’s Lunchbox’ allows them to do that, whilst adding the personal touch they desire, as well as superior quality.

Threats - ‘a challenge posed by an unfavorable trend or development that would lead (in absence of a defensive marketing action) to deterioration in profits or sales’.4

Cheaper competitors - products that are being offered in the market currently are priced cheaper than those that ‘Jamie’s Lunchbox’ will provide.

Consumer perceivability - there is a chance that consumers will perceive the service as unnecessary, particularly as
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