Jamie Oliver Case Study Essay

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Jamie’s Italian Job
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Words: Sarah Genzer and Griselda Zhou
31 March 2011

In the last ten years, Jamie Oliver has become an international household name. In the UK, it is almost impossible not to see or hear Jamie Oliver in the news, television, online or in print. Today, the influential celebrity chef’s empire is worth nearly £65 million. After extremely successful ventures in television, home cookware, books, and restaurants, Oliver recently has branched out and developed a new restaurant chain. Jamie’s Italian has proven to be a prosperous strategic move. It recently won the Restaurant Chain of the Year award, at the 2010 R200 Awards, and the managing director, Simon Blagden, won the Best Individual award at the 2011
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So much so, that they even encourage patrons not to make reservations and dine when they wish. If you visit Jamie’s Italian website It’s all about bringing my (2011), it specifically says, “We want you to visit us when it suits you and as our menu is food to the public and designed around fresh, quality dishes that are produced, things offering them the best value quickly Rather thanwe've decided to keepsuggest simple. taking bookings, we that you just come along and we'll find you a for money they can get. table as soon as we possibly can.”

Case study: Jamie’s Italian – From Marketing Strategy to Communications Not only do the restaurants provide a cozy environment but also the prices are very reasonable. Oliver says this about the chain, “[It] is all about bringing my food to the public and offering them the best value for money they can get. I’m putting my name on the line. The restaurant will have to offer the best quality meal diners have had at that cost otherwise I will have failed” (Kühn, 2007). The positioning of his restaurant will allow him to reach a market that his other restaurants may not have been able to. His two other restaurants, Barbecoa and Fifteen, are marketed as top-class and fine dining restaurants, where reservations are required. Along with his consistency in using quality fresh ingredients, the rustic and authentic experience, and the new lower-priced strategy in
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