Jamie Turner Case Analysis Essay

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JAMIE TURNER AT MLI, INC. CASE ANALYSIS Joia M. Collins Problem: Jamie Turner accepted a position at MLI under the impression that he would have full autonomy and fast advancements but has since ran into some management and personal style issues with is boss and president of MLI Pat Cardullo. Hypothesis: 1. It may be that there is a conflict in personal style which is causing Jamie Turner and Pat Cardullo to not work well together. 2. It may be the conflicts arising are from generational differences because of the age difference between Jamie Turner and Pat Cardullo. 3. It may be that Jamie Turner and Pat Cardullo’s beliefs and values are different. Jamie Turner is a feeler; he is concerned with the feelings of the…show more content…
Cardullos style of motivating his employees is by become increasingly aggressive. Cardullo prefers to scold his employees in public by yelling at them in staff meetings like when he ordered Ernie Dennis to change the layout of the warehouse so he could walk through and physically feel the inventory. The fact that Cardullo is a thinker and Turner is a feeler causes conflict because the way they manage is very different. There is a significant age difference between Turner and Cardullo. Cardullo is described as an older man in his sixties and turner is in his early thirties. Turner’s age makes him apart of generation Y. Turner seeks flexibility and independence. Turner has been in 3 different positions in the past 3 years because he was looking for more autonomy. Turner joined Wolf River and soon became product manager and doubled his salary by the end of his sixth year but because he felt stagnant he felt it necessary to move on. Turner moved on to Lambowland.com and signed on as VP but moved on from there as well because he was looking for some balance and Lambowland.com didn’t offer that. Lambowland.com was in a serious cash flow bind which didn’t offer the security and balance he was looking for. Turner like a lot of individuals form generation Y is highly educated. Turner attended Norte Dame and graduated near the top of his class. The fact that Turner is from generation Y may explain why he is not comfortable with the fact that
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