Jamie Turner Case Essay

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Problem Statement: After working at Modern Lighting Industries (MLI) for a short time Jamie Turner is confronted with differences between the president, Pat Cardullo, and himself. Jamie is concerned that the relationship between he and Pat has grown to be unpredictable and frustrating, which is causing much uncertainty.
1. It may be that the hierarchy in the organization struggle with conflict management. While working at his first job out of college Jamie’s boss had taught him that a cardinal rule when handling subordinates: “Praise in public, censure in private.” Jamie had notices after a few months at MLI that Pat treated other employees more volatile and unpredictable. More often in meetings Cardullo was using
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Pat comes across to Jamie as denying reality, ignoring unpleasant truths, not leading the company, while glorifying his accomplishments. While Jamie displays characteristics of the Generation X in his behaviors. He tends to network in a larger group throughout the organization. Jamie also handles issues more relaxed and choice orientated. Pat portrays Jamie as a typical Generation X with what he perceives as disloyal, disconnected, and an unwillingness to accept responsibility or challenges. 3. It may be that there were different psychological contracts between Jaime and Pat. In the beginning Jamie Turner had gotten the strong impression that Pat Cardullo was intending on having Jamie take over as president of MLI in the next few years. During the interview process Cardullo had stated that he was only at MLI until the organization could find a young, aggressive, intelligent manager could be found to take over for him. Pat had given Jamie the impression that he would be a likely candidate. After six months of being with MLI Turner started observing how the relationship between him and Pat had gone sour. Jamie also noticed the autonomy had declined severely and felt his chances of advancement had diminished. The article “Note on Managing the Psychological Contract” describes the expectations of a person and the company as portrayed by the management. Each party has its own set of
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