Jane Austen 's A Light Hearted And Simplistic View Of Society Through The Ordinary Lives

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Jane Austen presents a light-hearted and simplistic view of society through the ordinary lives in Emma. Every character is linked and connected to the location of Highbury in some way. The limited social and geographical range does pose weaknesses in this active yet reserved village. Austen’s recognition of flaws behind gossip, marriage and social status, provide readers delight and a sense of identification. Emma successfully stimulates awareness to the effects of isolation, and generates appreciation for our own social privileges and position.

Austen creates a dynamic community through the way characters engage and behave against traditional and established conventions. Highbury’s isolation from the rest of England suggests boredom and loneliness will simultaneously follow. Conversely, this lays the foundation for future drama and conflict to follow. One large source of gossip is stirred by the letter written from mysterious Frank Churchill to Mrs Weston. Such communication between Highbury and the ‘outside’ makes this matter significant as Frank threatens the harmony and social order of Highbury. As a result “every morning visit in Highbury included some mention of the handsome letter”. The ability to listen and retell, is necessary for Emma’s community in order to avoid the dull seclusion. Mrs Elton is another cause for trivial issues, who tries to raise her social status level to that of Emma. Her snobbery is emphasised in Emma’s thoughts when described as a person…

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