Jane Austen 's Influence On Society

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As a well-traveled young woman for her day and age, Jane Austen undoubtedly mixed her personal experiences and encounters into her classic tales. Many critics have analyzed the characters in her novels as being comparable to people Austen actually knew in her lifetime. Moreover, critics say that Austen transcribed her own self through most of her main heroines, whether it was how she actually acted, or what she desired to be like in real life. However, not many critics have touched on the importance of the aunt-figure that is present throughout Austen’s novels. Most aunts throughout her novels, although not major characters, prove to be some of the most influential on the protagonists. I would argue that because Austen regarded herself as a responsible and integral part in all of her nieces and nephews lives, she transcribed this throughout her characters. Thus, by acknowledging the insight and importance of the aunts in her novels, we can actually learn more as to how Austen must have been when playing her real-life role as “Aunt Jane.”
Within her own life, Austen understood the importance of the extended family. She was an aunt to over 30 nieces and nephews, and often considered the favorite. In some cases, Austen even took over care of some of her nieces and nephews after their mothers passed. From recovered letters to relatives’ biographies, the majority of the statements regard Austen as performing her “aunt-duties” to a T. Austen’s nephew, James Edward Austen-Leigh…

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